A comprehensive, affordable platform for managing all types of cyber risk.

The Cysurance™ suite of products and marketplace provide best-in-class cyber risk security. Our robust solutions are easy to implement and keep you covered.

Who do we serve?

Services Firms

With Cysurance-as-a-Service, our sponsors get more than a partner. CaaS connects to a Marketplace; an AI powered engine that is easy to integrate, simple to manage and designed to grow sales. Powered by a unique product suite and streamlined with automated processes, CaaS can be offered as stand alone or bundled products to create attractive and essential cyber risk solutions that complement your existing customer programs.

We offer cyber risk and insurance extensions of your business that fit the need of any customer business, at any size. With no applications and a subscription based payment model, Cysurance gives you a powerful addition to your existing services that is advantageous and profitable.

Small and Midsized Businesses

All businesses today are digital businesses. From infrastructure and network to sales and marketing to customer engagement and relationship management, the ways and means of conducting operations are tethered to technologies that are always at risk and sometimes beyond your control.

Cyber risk is no longer just about breaches, scams and attacks. Today’s businesses have multiple connection points that are vulnerable to power outages, natural disasters and other incidents that result in cyber related disruption and loss.

With Cysurance, you can rest assured that your business is protected and covered against all cyber risk.

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